Q: How do I know if our office qualifies for your free release of information service?
A: Typically, if your office receives an average of three medical records requests per week and is located in an area where we already provide our services, you will qualify. To be sure, contact us.

Q: What if our office does not qualify to receive the service for free?
A: If your office does not meet the requirements to sustain our service based on the volume of requests, you may consider encouraging some of your colleagues, either in the same medical complex or within a five mile radius to utilize our services. As long as we are able to sustain our services, we will be happy to use the combined volume of your offices to meet our qualification requirements.

Q: How can you provide this service for free?
A: Datalink generates its revenue from billable requestors such as insurance companies, attorneys, state disability, third party copy services, and patient access requests. A portion of the revenue generated from these types of requests is used to cover the costs of fulfilling your non-billable requests resulting in a professionally managed release of information process by our experienced staff at absolutely no cost to you.

Q: Why do medical facilities and private practices outsource the release of information process?
A: Human and financial resources. First, is that it makes good financial sense. The fees which a medical facility may charge for release of information are  mandated by state and federal laws. The allowable fees are minimal and make handling release of information in-house a losing proposition. At the same time medical facilities are not required to reproduce copies of medical records however they are required to make the records available to the requestor or their designated representative. Datalink has developed longstanding relationships with many companies and organizations who regularly request medical records and have negotiated rates with them to streamline the release of information process for both the medical facility and the requestor. Second, budgeting limitations combined with employee turn-around make it difficult to maintain a a well-trained staff and consistent procedures in such a specialized area as release of information. Lack of the proper training and knowledge creates liability and exposure to risk. With Datalink you have a dedicated and qualified specialist with the proper training managing your release of information process.

Q: What does your release of information service include? What do we get?
A: Our release of information service includes a dedicated Datalink Specialist to service your location with enough frequency (minimally once per week) to maintain compliance with the legal guidelines for release of information. Therefore, our service depends on your volume. Also included is live disclosure reporting, call monitoring, handling of status inquiries, release of information and compliance training for your staff, and attention to your needs as circumstances arise.

Q: How often do you provide your release of information service to our location?
A: The frequency of our service depends on which service option you require and your release of information volume. We will always service your location frequently enough to maintain compliance with state and federal legal requirements. Clients taking advantage of our “Remote” service option enjoy the benefits of daily processing of their requests for release of information.
Clients choosing our “on-site” or “hybrid” service option receive weekly visits from their dedicated Datalink Specialist, however clients with higher volume are visited multiple times per week.

Q: What is your turn-around time  for release of information?
A: Our turn-around time for release of information requests is always within the legal time frame but may vary based on the service options chosen by our clients and the payment arrangements we have with the requestors. Clients using our “Remote” option will experience same day turn-around of their continuing care, patient access and state disability requests. For all other requestors (insurance, attorney, copy service), Datalink will do everything required to prepare the records to be sent, including notifying the requestor that records are ready, however it will be up to the requestor to pay the balance due in order for the records to be released. If the requestor pays the balane due upon receipt of our notification (which is usually the case), records will be released that same day. The same applies for clients choosing our “On-Site” and “Hybrid”  service options except that our corporate office will procees anything extracted or scanned the following business day.

Q: How do you fulfill the requests for release of information?
A: Datalink primarily fulfills requests for release of information by either faxing records to a secure fax line, emailing a password protected link for downloading, or by sending a disc to the requestor via first class mail. Paper copies and other mailing options are available at an additional expense to the requestor.

Q: Do you also copy doctor to doctor requests at no charge to us?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you charge us if we exceed a certain ration of non-billable to billable requests?
A: No. Unlike other companies that offer similar services, Datalink keeps things simple and convenient by eliminating accounting and billing policies and procedures that would contradict our goal of minimizing the burden of release of information related tasks for our clients.

Q: Do you maintain a compliant disclosure log of all release of information?
A: Yes. Clients may access their disclosure log which is updated throughout the day.

Q: How are you able to connect to our electronic health records from your corporate office?
A: Simply. Our IT guys calls your IT guy and they make it happen.

Q: What happens if we decide to cancel your services? Are there any fees or penalties?
A: You may cancel our release of information services at any time. We do not hold our clients to any term-based contracts. We simply believe that if we are doing and exceptional job, you will have no desire to cancel our service.

Q: What training do you provide to your staff?
A: As of 2012 all Datalink hires will be required to be either an RHIA, an RHIT, be in the process of obtaining their RHIA or RHIT, or have the accumulated experience and expertise of an individual with either credential. Previous hires have been trained to employ our step-by-step release of information process which includes precautions to verify the patients identity, the validity of the authorization, identification of limitations as stated or not-stated on the signed authorization, and perform quality assurance. Currently all Datalink release of information Specialists have between six and twenty two years of industry and task specific experience. To stay sharp, we regularly attend industry training and educational seminars.

Q: Does it matter which electronic health record software or interface we use?
A: No. Datalink Specialists have training and experience working with multiple EHR programs including Epic, Allscripts, MISYS, Patient Chart Manager, EMD’s, EClinical, Office Ally, Centricity, and Practice Partner.

Contact us with any other questions you may have.