Planning a Move?

Physicians who leave a medical group to start their own practice often overlook the costs, the burden on staff, and other issues related with obtaining their patients medical records for continuing care purposes.

A medical practice with 1000 active patients can expect to spend a minimum of $15K dollars in release of information expenses within 3 months of announcing its closure and another $25K in other health information management expenses over the legally required retention period.

If you are a physician re-locating your practice and need to facilitate the transfer of your patient’s medical records for continuing care purposes, contact Datalink to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing of this costly and labor intensive undertaking at no cost to you.

Other benefits include:
Acting a liaison between you and your former practice.
Our release of information services.
Live updated and compliant PHI disclosure tracking.

Contact Datalink for more information.