We Provide A Third Option

Medical practices typically have two options when purging medical records.

1. Outsource to a company specializing in records storage and management.

2. Rent a small storage unit and do it themselves.

Unfortunately the first option is usually very expensive. The second option is labor intensive, increases employer liability and exposure to risk regarding compliance.

Datalink ITS offers a full-service compliant solution to medical practices for the long-term retention of their patient’s medical records. Our records retention and management solutions offer all of the benefits of full-service records management companies, with increased attention to the specific needs of health information management, and maintain the cost containment objectives of doing it your self.

Other benefits include:

Our release of information service.
Live access to compliant PHI disclosure tracking.
Knowledgeable and dedicated support staff available for industry related questions.

Contact Datalink ITS for a free consultation and cost comparison analysis.