Considering Retirement or Closing Your Practice?

A medical practice with 1000 active patients can expect to spend a minimum of $15K dollars in release of information expenses within 3 months of announcing its closure and another $25K in other health information management expenses over the legally required retention period.

Datalink ITS offers full service health information management solutions to closing medical practices and retiring physicians. Our solutions offer a simple, proven, compliant, cost-effective, and streamlined approach to fulfilling your legally required health information management obligations that are unparalleled in our industry.

Our innovative and efficient approach has been successfully implemented by retiring physicians and closing medical practices for over ten years.  From the moment you decide to close your practice, our qualified and professional staff begins working in conjunction with your in-house staff to maintain compliance and managing your custodial responsibilities. While you remain open we assist with patient notification, fulfillment of any and all medical records requests and purging patient records. Once you officially close, we assume complete custodial responsibility of your patient’s medical records and all tasks associated with the compliant management of your custodial obligations

In addition to the associated time, risk exposure and stress involved in maintaining compliance with strict laws relating to release of information and long-term records retention, our full-service solutions for retiring physicians and closing practices typically save our clients a minimum of $25K dollars in contrast to commonly used self-service options.

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